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  • Is your life moving now in the direction you were hoping it would?

    I remember dispensing "advice" a long time ago...
    Nah I dun be so big uh dem Television program thingies. Plus if it's made in Sweden and is a series/film then it probably sucks. Like even the popular Swedish films mostly suck because the acting is cringeworthy. I think you need to be a Swede to notice it. I wonder how many foreign films would suck if they weren't foreign.
    Did you have a tumblr or something, sometime? Maybe that was someone else.
    I accidentally replied on my own page and only saw it now but anyway:

    You think you know me better than I know myself? Maybe you should get your eyesight checked then, fool!

    Btw, whatever did happen to that room of yours which you was painting?
    Aww <3

    But I am a condescending bastard most of the time :P You should write a bit more, I like what you write.
    Just curious; how far are you into your degree, Higs?

    Also: I appreciate your contributions on this forum. You are fun and to the point.
    lol I should be ashamed for not knowing that, people call me Goku in real life bc of how I do my hair sometimes.
    Interesting. I didn't know it amplified your mental state. Thanks for the information.

    Yes. It's quite interesting. There are no reported physical side effects from it, but heavy users have been known to have non-drug-induced trips decades after they stop using LSD. And sometimes (like Frank Olson) people end up dying anyway. But hallucinogens (LSD, LSA, BZ, etc) fascinate me anyway.

    Oh, the priest collar, you mean? Yes, I've watched Sherlock. Good luck with the LSD, I suppose. Try not to use it too much – there are long-term effects. On the other hand, maybe not. Check out the spider thread.

    Cool avatar. What does The Woman have between her teeth?

    Also I noticed you talking about LSD. I don't use drugs, but they fascinate me and I've used silkroad just to learn about them. Get tor browser first, though. It hides your IP address pretty reliably, I believe.

    Likewise! *waves back* Hey, we're on the same land-mass! I'll be quite impressed with myself if i manage another 30 yrs of this nonsense! I look forward to getting to know another insane female. I think we may have some interests in common :twisteddevil:
    Personally, i don't think it's bad...imagine if the option were removed - mandatory continuation of existence would certainly drive me over the edge! It's a comforting option. I really liked your definition of insanity. By that definition i am insane - woohoo! Also, hello!
    -part2- visitor messages too limited

    Was it blotter (paper tabs)? Did you take one / serveral / half / ...? How were visuals (Open eyed, close eyed). Also, any post-trip effects? Scariest thing and nicest thing? Would you do it again if you got the chance?

    Also, you're going to get STRUCTURE? No wonder you're all over the forum again. What do you plan on doing?

    Yes I like to ask questions.
    I study chemical engineering, most of my fellow students are pretty harsh on anything that isn't 'american-dream'. That being said, i live in a student dorm where drugs are fairly common. My brother is a philosophy student... All philosophy students doing drugs is fairly accurate :p

    I don't quite want to go up to random people and ask, even if I know they have it. I have a few people i know could get it for me, in all honesty with LSD i'm just scared i'm never certain if it's the real thing or an RC. I don't fancy taking a DOx or NBOMe on accident.

    As you may notice, I like chemistry and have too much time on my hands, so I kinda just read about psychedelics way too much. Reading it isn't quite like the experience, nor does it truly prepare you tho. Whatever happens, I hope i'll be able to try 4 diffrent psychedelics sometime in my life. (LSD, shrooms, DMT and mescaline) I don't really care when or at which pace.
    That depends, legally or illigal? Truffles are completely legal in holland, everything else is banned. The truffles must be fresh, but they tend to come in vacuum packs and then they stay good for a month or two (in the fridge). I don't think they can post them to belgium or france or anywhere but holland legally... That doesn't mean they won't. =/

    As far as illigal goes, you can order anything. Silk road will probably let you buy anything. There are scammers I don't doubt, but you can research the vendors... If you go silk road, you'll probably get dried mushrooms rather than truffles, but I don't think there's that much of a diffrence?

    I'm quite sure you can find serveral reliable sources that will send you drugs from the internet, if i were to try LSD or wanted to get my hands on DMT then this would most likely be how... There's probably lots of scammers, and then there's the fact that the police tries to bust you for it :(
    Interesting. I've taken somewhat low doses with others, but highest doses were all alone. It was... magical, but also scary and insanely mindfuck. Frightening sounds very much accurate. You are indeed constantly distracted, most likely because literally everything is moving and most light would fall appart into colour prismas...

    I'll try LSD one day, it's just more convenient to buy mushrooms... And almost legal
    I'll still read and the information might still be valuable, but i've tried truffles a couple of times now :p. I was considering making a post about it, but then figured i was far too lazy anyways <:

    New question, i don't know if you ever tried truffles or mushrooms, but are they comparable to other psychedelics? <:
    Welcome back!

    I'm not sure what it was that I asked you... so no worries! Howcome you're back, summer coming to an end implying you'll be procrastinating again? Or perhaps you missed your crazy fellow intp's (read: subjects) all too long... Whatever the case, welcome back <:
    I'm a noob reading Book 4 as per somebody's suggestion. It's been great thus far, not really difficult imho. Very good stuff.
    Haha, good. I got scared for a moment ;)

    As far as psychedelica go, I wanna know what i'm diving into but I'm probably too stubborn to be persuaded not to dive in heads first... But i'll take all the practical advice close to heart? :p
    Psh. I'm sorry if i scared you away.

    Also, have you ever tried any psychedelics? (especially interested in lsd / dmt). I've read the drug threads on here. :p
    Eh. Which film are you talking about? xD
    I have been to bruges, it's relatively close to where I live (an hour away). I've both visited the old centra as a tourist as going to bruges for other reasons (traveling through, cinnema, brother went to school there for two years... eh). There's some nice views and places, especially if you're into these, but as soon as you leave the old centrum it's just like any other city (in my opinion. :p)
    If you'd visit during the summer, keep the dates around 21 july in mind. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gentse_Feesten). It's some kind of free festival in the old centrum of ghent. (Somewhat related and alike bruges in terms of culture & history). It may be too social and busy for a fellow INTP, but alcohol seems to solve that problem for me.

    I don't think Parisians are arrogant. I do think they're ambitious... Some prices for food (read : booze) were just outrageous. :(
    Africaans is doable, but i've never met an actual person from there to test it with... So i'm kinda clueless?

    I know die antwoord, and can understand 99% of what they're saying. I wouldn't exactly call it my style tho :p. Besides, i'm an intp, stop giving me compliments! Just kidding, eh, thanks.
    Random questions, qu'est-ce que tu penses des touristes à Paris? And how awful is my french? (No offence, i hated french classes as a kid...)
    So someone actually reads all this bullshit i'm writing? Awesome! I am indeed belgian, and I do speak dutch and english pretty fluently. My french is awful, especially compared to... yours, and my german is even worse :(. Why'd you ask?
    Lol I apologize I had no idea there was another Higgs in this forum. Looks like we're gonna have to settle this.
    You know, babe, if you're kurt's enneagram type and i'm courtney's type (8w7)...yeah it would work haha. :^^:
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