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  • I really dig your aesthetic. I was wondering what style of doom metal did you like though?

    Also have you heard of post metal or sludge?
    The music was pretty nice too and I found it funny how a lot of people were saying the game sucked compared to X because the OST was more electronic/house/techno compared to X's metal. It did have a few metal tracks though.
    Yes, GX was one of the best gamecube games although it wasn't so popular back then. One of the hardest games I've ever played as well but me and my little brother eventually beat it, meaning we unlocked everything. Pretty frustrating but well worth it. The AX characters were interesting.. Thought it was cool how you can see PJ during one of the story mode cutscenes, which was rather random. Graphics were nice back then as well, I loved Port Town and Aeropolis. So very futuristic. Your online idea sounds fun. But agreed, we definitely need a new F-Zero probably... Really, even just an HD remix or port of GX on Wii U with online multiplayer capability would be fine, I bet, and would sell well... My favorite machine was Astro Robin because of its grade A grip.
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