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  1. grettiron

    A Rake of Weirdos (or the social game)

    this thread is a great example of divergent thinking! that is, all the fuck over the place. but to answer the original post: Do other people think you're weird? i suspect so. my closest friends say so, but they get to see things that nobody else does. Do you downplay it or exaggerate it...
  2. grettiron

    INTP Characteristics

    you know, i always suspected that was a syndrome invented to sell branded pharmaceuticals. when my legs feel restless (and they do frequently) i beat the hell out of them one way or another and they quiet right down. works great, and they get stronger too!
  3. grettiron

    Heros and Villians

    hero? hell no. villain definitely. evil, shadowy, cold, merciless villain that takes pleasure in the suffering of his enemies.
  4. grettiron

    Character traits that are uncharacteristic of INTP.

    nicely put. that explains a lot. i also rarely smile during the daily routine except... the relationship i'm in now is with a girl i didn't think existed. she does not censor herself very well, and often makes hard comments in jest. to other people, they seem like mean comments, but of...
  5. grettiron

    Character traits that are uncharacteristic of INTP.

    i am also hard to offend, but i sometimes understand when someone is being rude. thing is, that doesn't affect my response at all. it's like the rudeness is discarded before i process the comment. i dunno, it's hard to explain. i'll usually respond to sarcastic comments as though they were...
  6. grettiron

    Character traits that are uncharacteristic of INTP.

    i'm very physical, is that characteristic of INTP? of course in learning how to structure my training i've had to suck down quite a lot of information and try to distill what applies to me. i suppose the focus is typical, but the sticking with it might not be... i've been pretty into lifting for...
  7. grettiron


    And I am your antagonist.
  8. grettiron

    INTP Characteristics

    Oldest male child of divorced parents Low arches (people ask if i'm flat footed, but i don't think so) Right handed Scandinavian ancestry 5'10", 180lbs Mesomorph Brown hair, hazel eyes USA American Also prone to depression Doesn't respond well to processed foods Also never broken any bones
  9. grettiron

    Am I really an INTP?

    thanks, that was enlightening. i seem to occupy an area between INTP and ISTP... the coffee cup exercise did nothing for me. i'm not sure i relate to the sensing (no shit it's round and has certain dimensions) or the perceiving (a poem is way too abstract). i wanted to describe the manufacturing...
  10. grettiron

    Why are you here?

    you mean there are plenty of lurkers? nooooo... i'm here because i read a couple threads and would laugh out loud because a post would resonate with me. the shit i find funny does not generally amuse others i know. usually just results in strange looks. Also, this is hilarious: "Internet...
  11. grettiron

    Would it be easier?

    hah i love that word. i think i drop it in public too much though. i like getting creative and offensive with my cursing. i also love violent entertainment. the more blood, the better! my mind wallows in dark, morbid, violent places. daydreams and fantasies usually involve death, murder and...
  12. grettiron


    mmm i go buy beer and i get excited! i don't consider myself an alcoholic, or dependent or anything though. i may have a physical addiction to milk tho :p. i get hard cravings for it... mmmm so good. i have an obsessive personality, but it doesn't seem to mean i'm addicted to harmful...
  13. grettiron


    not really. i try to keep it fairly organized (i have no basis for comparison though. what is organized?). and i seem to have a drive failure every few years, so maybe that helps.
  14. grettiron


    i wouldn't consider myself messy, but looking at my desk right now... well there's a lot of stuff on it, and i can see why someone would think it's messy. but everything is in a general location for a reason! example, vitamins and such just to the right of the monitor (so i never forget to take...
  15. grettiron

    INTPs and family issues

    i had some adolescent rebellion problems once, but now things are pretty peaceable with my folks. i also don't live with either of them anymore. you could say i'm pretty indifferent. one close friend calls me a shitty brother, because i don't really know what's going on in my bro's life. i get...
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