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  1. green acid

    How do I delete my account?

    How do I delete my account?
  2. green acid

    How would you describe your week in three words?

    watching cabbages spoiling
  3. green acid


    All the data we put on the internet, however unconsequential it may seem, might be of importance to someone- and you wouldn't know it.
  4. green acid


    There is a lot of data proliferating out there, marketers use even trivial information for their research. Could it affect a job interview, or even bring attention from law enforcement agencies? The labeling part I projected onto this information superhighway topic would be labels along the...
  5. green acid


    Observing I would agree with. These fact-finding missions could just be simple market research, or are they just the tip of the iceberg for dirty global politics. The alleged tampering with the 2016 US presidential election is an example of the cyber-skullduggery that is going on. As to...
  6. green acid


    What are robots doing on this forum? What are google and the others trying to find out? I'm not too educated about there things.
  7. green acid

    Awaiting Orders

    Everything exists. Space-Time is a garden full of multiplicity. Just choose the path that leads to maximising lucre.
  8. green acid

    What do you think more defines humanity: our will or our ability to rationalize?

    We tyrannise the animals. This is mostly produced by our will. We could co-exist with animals whether or not we have superior intelligence.
  9. green acid

    How valid is the Malthus trap today

    The Malthus trap is generally ignored out of complacency. It always lurks somewhere over the horizon. The earth's carrying capacity is between 9 and 16 billion people. The world's population is currently 7.62 billion (May 2018). Within a few decades it may become a sustainability issue. If the...
  10. green acid

    On feeling useless.

    Your interests are infinitely superior to slot machines or watching 'Duck Dynasty', just keep doing what you're doing with more appreciation.
  11. green acid

    Last movie you watched

    The last movie I watched was Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid (1986). I always thought it was hilarious. A rotten tomatoes low budget classic. Reading this thread makes me want to rewatch The Lovely Bones though.
  12. green acid

    Simple Intro Post

    I had a job like that a few years ago. I tried quitting daydreaming too, but I was trapped in a world that I never made. Things are satisfactory now, it's stable and nothing happens. Stormwater inspector! I live in an area that's flooded this spring. Might try that. Anyway, welcome to the...
  13. green acid

    What's your opinion of ESFJ's?

    I live in a small town, which already makes it an ESFJ culture. Some of my friends and neighbors are ESFJ's. They believe in boosterism, and are concerned with local issues and institutions. Concerning me, they wonder why I don't have a TV (not normal). They talk about other people incessantly...
  14. green acid

    Parents of INTPs

    Both my parents are SJ's. My mother is ISTJ and my dad is ESFJ. My father is MUCH more emotional. Always in love with some, others he hates. My mom is like a quiet caretaker. My parents actually believed in letting me and my sister make our own decisions, which was great, their only drawback was...
  15. green acid

    Does anyone else think about this?

    Human flesh would probably taste good if it were cooked right. In western society, it's a taboo. I'm not sure if it is illegal, but showing interest in eating people may be considered a sign of mental illness, but in some distant cultures it's normal. It's a conundrum of cultural relativism...
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