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    Thanks, Alias! Honestly, just the feedback that I've gotten since posting this morning has been really helpful. I know I'm generalizing, but, so far, it sounds like INTPs think ESFJs are a total pain in the ass and maybe not worth the bother. Trust me when I say... that feeling can go both...
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    Dr. Gregory, I'm truly sorry that your marriage didn't last, but I'm guessing it was for the best. I won't lie....it can be a real battle on both ends. I would never lay all the blame on him. But, even through the "negativity" of your post, it really did help me to hear some of those things...
  3. Hello

    Hi. I just stumbled on this forum today, and I hope I'm not intruding too much. I am not an INTP, but I've been married to one for almost 20 years. To make things really interesting, I am an ESFJ. Most of the time, it works, but every now and then, it doesn't. I won't go into all the...
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