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Recent content by Elizabeth24

  1. Elizabeth24

    Intp female

    Hahah!!! What is your type, may I ask? I can be very unfriendly/mean if I don't like the people I am around. Then again, I can be the sweetest, most caring person... it all depends on who you are or who I am around. The people that see me as a cold, uncaring bitch are people I don't give a shit...
  2. Elizabeth24

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    all those probiotics! hahaha. Also, If I don't agree with a law, I'm unafraid to disobey it.
  3. Elizabeth24

    Weird things normal people do

    ^^^^hahah. The perfume/cologne thing. I went fishing yesterday and from afar I see these two boats coming in from the channel and I start to smell this rank perfume... all the way down where I was. Gross! It was terrible.
  4. Elizabeth24

    recluse style living / hermits

    I keep relationships with family and one or two people outside my family, but I'm quite happy that way... not having friends. In a way, I'm afraid to make friends because when they want more than I want to give, it stresses me the hell out. I don't want drama. I feel like I can go and do certain...
  5. Elizabeth24

    Dips toe

    Oh boy, its a whirlwind of emotions, let me tell you. That losing control of your emotions is wonderful torture. I endured it for a long time. I've met the love of my life, another INTP. He is very well developed and 19 years my senior. I'm convinced that this is the perfect relationship. We are...
  6. Elizabeth24

    I want to know what love is, I want you to show me

    INFP's can be pretty cool as long as I keep my distance. In my past experience, I believed I was in love many times. After I met my clone I realized I never knew what love was in the first place. Never thought it was meant for me either. Lucky to know now that I was wrong. :D
  7. Elizabeth24

    INTP and love / relationships

    Yes, i had a family member who would always do that. They still don't know how such a small thing affected me. Why say you will call back and never do? I don't get it either. A lot of people can wake up the next day with a clean slate. I just can't. I retain information so i can look for...
  8. Elizabeth24

    Explaining oneself to others

    We all have that urge (i think) initially, but when i have explained myself in the past it only leads to hurt. I feel like when I do, I make myself too vulnerable. No one ever *really* understands either. I have learned from an older intp that i dont owe anyone an explanation for my behavior or...
  9. Elizabeth24

    What are some life lessons you've accumulated over the years?

    True, very true. Also, you guys are funny.
  10. Elizabeth24

    Insignificant things that piss you off

    People that are too lazy to put their shopping cart into the corral. Litterbugs.
  11. Elizabeth24

    intp vs leadership - career progression

    I feel this way also. Certain aspect of it had to do with fearing failure, leaving my comfort zone, and the reasons I had for wanting to advance (or not advance). I found someone who understood me and encouraged me because they could see my potential. I think sometimes we have a lack of belief...
  12. Elizabeth24

    Successful INTP's, what career has made you happy?

    I tried college, but I ended up hating it. Very boring way to learn and thought it was redundant. Joined the military, became a Firefighter. I am now a Firefighter in the civilian world. This job can be great, things are always changing, but wow can it be a challenge to stay busy when we are not...
  13. Elizabeth24

    How reducing coffee intake helped with life

    I agree with this. I enjoy using Amphetamine every now and then. I use it mostly to learn and then get "back there" without the drug. It's so difficult because at times i feel like I am at the mercy of my moods. I am more stable when I consume less caffeine. It's so addictive to me.
  14. Elizabeth24

    Intp female

    Haha, I like Bill Burr. I can listen to his podcast as long as I take breaks. He can be too negative sometimes, but damn he is hilarious. I'm a female INTP. I know what you mean about INFP, they need too much emotional support for me. I have found the ultimate relationship and it is with a well...
  15. Elizabeth24

    intp and having children

    No, never wanted kids. Terrified of it actually... I can barely manage myself, much less another person or child who needs all my time and resources. I already see the challenges and some of the truths I have come to realize would really bother me and make raising a child too difficult for me...
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