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  1. EditorOne

    The 3 ticks. (advice)

    Well, just a footnote: It is unlikely they are paying as much attention to you as you think they are. Most people pay attention to themselves. So dial it all back a bit and relax. Learn to say "Meh." Then, when you're more comfortably balanced between giving a crap and not giving a crap what...
  2. EditorOne

    Been away

    Gopher, "lost tribalism" is a quite plausible explanation for some of it. Good thinking.
  3. EditorOne

    Been away

    Hi, Higgs. I have noticed that seeking to identify as "oppressed" seems to be a growth industry these days, whether it's a woman "identifying" as black out on the West Coast even though she's as white as Marie Antoinette, or angry white people claiming they are Irish and that Irish were...
  4. EditorOne

    How can you sleep when you can't sleep?

    This used to drive me nuts when I had to go to work and be sharp the next day. Now that I'm retired, I just read a book. Kindle makes sure that never necessitates a trip to a library or book store. When I did have to solve the problem, I would force my mind to think of only one thing, usually...
  5. EditorOne

    If INTPs had a slogan, what would it be?

    I'm with Haim: "Fuck off."
  6. EditorOne

    Do any of you like to dance?

    What Cleopatra said: "No, I have too much social anxiety to bring attention to me as I make a fool of myself on a dance floor. " I've had one good dance in 68 years. It was in the fifth grade, it was an in-class square dance, and my partner was Nancy Leith. One part called for us to hold hands...
  7. EditorOne

    wtf hobbies u have?

    Oh, sure, used to help organize some of the more hardcore ones, now just a participant in all kinds. Hardcore = heavy on actual history and period technology and skills. EG no air mattresses, coolers, Lost Cause myths, etc. My blog on reenacting/living history. "How to" make it more...
  8. EditorOne

    wtf hobbies u have?

    Carpentry, writing, reading, Civil War living history.
  9. EditorOne

    INTP as Sales Person

    So far as I know, two-thirds of the population have IQs between 85 and 115, so we can call that "average" and anything above it "high." But there's a big range of "high," and at a basic level a high IQ just means you can learn things faster and quicker. I have no idea what my own IQ is, just...
  10. EditorOne

    INTP as Sales Person

    IQ: Just an aside on IQ. A high IQ isn't necessarily "all advantage." A high IQ coupled with INTP may mean it is almost impossible for you to communicate with people of average or low IQ. Your statements - quite possibly born of rapid processing of information with even you not aware of the...
  11. EditorOne

    Time Management

    This might not help, but I've found I can control both procrastination and obsession by doing whatever feels right at the moment, but imposing a time limit. If I'm delaying a big long ugly thing, setting a limit of an hour or whatever makes it more palatable. If I'm obsessed with something, a...
  12. EditorOne

    How would you dispose of / hide a body?

    Oh, and then there's wood chippers. Just get one powerful enough, though. Nothing worse than a wood chipper clogged with muscle and fat. :D :phear:
  13. EditorOne

    How would you dispose of / hide a body?

    "I'm sure everyone has thought about it," Ummm - no. It is, though, a thorny problem and failure to get it done has put a lot of people in jail. Generally, intricate is bad. Intricate means more steps and more people, and that's never good. (Three people can keep a secret - if two of them...
  14. EditorOne


    Hi. This is a good place to decompress, because it's pretty certain somebody in here will understand what you're saying even if the rest of the world is a big "Huh?"
  15. EditorOne

    On feeling useless.

    Along the lines of Happy: There is no purpose. There is only "is." Life itself is the only purpose. Successful evolution for humans requires as much diversity in thoughts and actions and feelings and doing as possible, does it not?
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