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  • Hey you :). That is a really eye opening thread that you have going on about the Iraq War Veterans. It's almost painful to watch and hear some of the things that they say, but all is fair in war I guess.

    I'm still glad that you posted it though! I doubt I would have found it otherwise.
    he's the asian i've been mentioning. he's in the picture thread as well. i think he's an INFP, but i could see INTP. maybe. either way, certainly INxP. he's adowable. but yeah, it's all good.
    maybe i'll make a youtube return some day. but probably not. these days i just have other things to do i guess.
    naw, not laid. more like LOVED. and i really don't mean sexually, 'cause, fuck that. (punny, right?)
    anyway yeah, i deleted it, for a couple reasons but certainly on the list was "this is boring and awkward", so you know. i figured nobody would care too too much.
    it's going FUCKING FANTASTICALLY AMAZING actually. not to brag or anything, but you know.
    how is life in your neck of the woods (presumably somewhere in america)?
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