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  1. Aphrodisiacs

    Mussels and clams are known to be aphrodisiacs, probably because of their high vitamin B contents. But seriously, for a guy to be stimulated there's no better way than exercise, sports, biking. Men with low libido don't exercise. It's a fact because I said so.
  2. INTP always intelligent?

    Thanks for all your answers. I would like to reply to everyone if I could. For now I need to think about t your answers first.
  3. INTP always intelligent?

    Every forum, every video always talk about INTPs being highly intelligent, especially at solving problems or puzzles. The older I get the more I begin to accept that I simply don't have the intelligence nor the mental stamina to solve complex issues. I switched my career from film making to IT...
  4. Cured my depression

    Interesting to revisit this post months later. I strongly believe you can heal yourself. You just have to admit that there's something wrong with you and then continuously make efforts to better yourself. PS: did anyone watch the polar bear video?
  5. Thoughts on How to Shut Down a Salesperson

    Having been a salesperson I somewhat empathize with most salespeople. If they sound like they hate their job I usually tell them I've been where you are and I advise them to try to get an ethical job so they can enjoy a happy life. As soon as they resume their sales pitch I just tell them thank...
  6. Cured my depression

    Very interesting replies in this post. I seem to have hit a nerve... One thing is clear through my extensive research on this topic: as humans we can only cure depression and traumas through both mind AND body. Youtube: trauma bear. That's how animals get over a trauma. We all have...
  7. Western Work Ethic

    I'm German and Germans work very efficiently and focused while we're at the office. When we come home we spend time with our families. A lot of Americans, on the other hand, see everything in life as a job. They work long hours and when they come home they work out or work on a side business...
  8. INTP as Sales Person

    I did both car sales and inside sales. In car sales I did pretty well because the customers appreciated my honesty and the fact that I didn't push them or lie to them. I sucked at inside sales and absolutely hated it. I was the worst sales person on the best team. So depressing going to work...
  9. Cured my depression

    These things are definitely not in abundance on this forum, bro.
  10. Cured my depression

    Typical intp mistake on my part: I wrote something without intending to be mean but it came across as if you had hurt my feelings. Glad I can get away with something like this on this forum.
  11. Cured my depression

    Aren't you an intp who should be able to think outside the box and stay logical and tune out any preconceived notions? Your comment is like saying, you better stay away from listening to Michael Jackson songs because he was accused of molesting children. Or you should think twice about laughing...
  12. Cured my depression

    If you're an intp like me you've probably suffered from depression multiple times in your life. But hey, this video cured my depression: Youtube search: "Exercises For Depression [OSHO Dynamic Meditation]"
  13. how to not waste your life

    Wrooong. Get married :)
  14. Information overload

    I tried Headspace and I do feel much better after only 3 minutes. Do you know if there's a comparable app that is free or costs less? It's ridiculously expensive.
  15. Information overload

    This and the comment above are super helpful. I do enjoy biking although it mostly satisfies my physical state, less my mental state. Meditation sounds exhausting and boring to me but perhaps it's exactly what I need? Idk. I already don't have a Facebook or Twitter but I do check my mail and...
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