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  1. The Random Thoughts Thread

    There is a very fine line between Eustress (that optimal amount of stress that inclines one toward productivity and accomplishments) and negative Stress (that amount of stress that causes one to recede within him/herself and rock back and forth in the corner).
  2. Declaration of War

    <Pops popcorn> This in gonna be good.
  3. Ask an ESFJ

    Ack! :o I mean.... Good job...? :confused: (Stop trying to call my bluff.)
  4. Ask an ESFJ

    Bahaha! Well, I may be a faceless grey entity but henceforth, I vow to attempt to support all your future inappropriate endeavors.
  5. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Totally agree! One of the threads few redeeming qualities, IMHO.
  6. But what is thinker?

    I really like this topic. As an ESFJ, the above post is completely foreign to me but I'd like to understand. I'd actually like to be a little more immune to or unaware of my emotions. Can you elaborate on when being more aware of your emotions would help you make better decisions. I know...
  7. But what is thinker?

    Tru dat.
  8. But what is thinker?

    Quick side note: This would cause me a lot of anxiety as well. Google Drive & Calendar are great ways to never lose that important info if you don't mind the cloud.
  9. Ask an ESFJ

    It's interesting to come back to this after weeks/months. I'm doing much better. When I reread my previous posts I feel like, "Who was this girl? How was she ever this broken?" I haven't talked to my husband in weeks. The last time we spent time together was back in March. That's how long it's...
  10. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Felt compelled to see what this Roast of Sinny was about. I just wasted hours of my life I'll never get back. I think maybe there's some nugget of wisdom I'll glean after more reflection. Now I really understand the phrase "it was like a train wreck you can't look away from." Pondering "Least...
  11. Ask an ESFJ

    Thanks for the feedback. Helps a lot.
  12. My therapist says I have 'toxic shame'.

    Oh. I thought I really upset you somehow. Lol. #ESFJProblems
  13. My therapist says I have 'toxic shame'.

    "I am enough" -- could this really solve all our problems? Have any of you tried something like this? Seems too simple and yet it also really resonates with me. https://youtu.be/lw3NyUMLh7Y
  14. Ask an ESFJ

    Update & Question: I'm doing better. Seems like it just takes time to move through something like this. Drinking less. Workout out more. Enjoying school. Still feeling drained but much better. Q: My question for you guys is related to my interactions with my husband. I think I've mentioned...
  15. My therapist says I have 'toxic shame'.

    Yeah, I understand that. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the previous post or arguing semantics. I just found the blanket statement that it's not a therapist job to help you out of a hole surprising. I'm not sure why therapists exist if not to help people. Ultimately, yes, only I can make my life...
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