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  • It's not hard -- her name is based on the acacia tree. So her name is just "uh-KAY-sha" with the "uh" removed.

    But... BWA HA HA HA HA HA! :D Sorry to have stolen your thunder.
    All good. To be honest I don't think you need to re-roll. The thing with playing a class like a sorcerer is that your build naturally aligns with being effective in both social situations and combat. The fact that spells scale off of charisma means you can stack the ability, then go for some strong DPS spells without losing your social utility that you gain from naturally high charisma.
    That's fine. Although not sure if you know but the Heal skill doesn't really work like a 'heal' per se. It's more of a utility skill: description.

    If you tell me what kind of character you're going for I can help you set one up. You were playing Takashi mostly as a Rogue/Ranger. What sort of utility are you ultimately looking to bring to the party?

    I ask because taking a trait that makes Heal a class skill is very weird. Reason being that any class that doesn't already have it as a skill would usually find that useless (because their effectiveness will not be WIS based), and if you're a class who does have it as a skill it's unnecessary to take the trait - there's other ones that give an all-around buff to your abilities which are almost always more useful than just stacking points on the Heal skill.
    There's also a feat to get two additional traits :P

    But the same restrictions on selection reply. Can't pick more than one conbat/social/faith at a time.
    Wow. Don't you have some kinda system to claim the money back?
    When I sent Lor a nice package they stole a lotta stuff from it too. ;-;

    New with meeee?
    I got a placement, I suppose. I haven't started yet but hopefully it won't be too dull. On the plus side, I'll likely be in front of a computer a lot, so I might return to the glory days of spending all my time on this forum when I should be working. XD
    Easy -- go do what you do best and sniff out some trouble, and I'll keep an eye on you and make sure trouble doesn't get away.
    Yeah, it's great for sticking sorcs with. I think my great-grandpap skewered a few himself.

    ... wait, did that make you uncomfortable?
    Gee, li'l fox guy, that's quite the plan you got there!

    I mean, I'm not near as complicated: I just thought, hey, maybe I toss you in first, and while you dodge all around the room distracting them, we just cut them down / shoot them in the back.
    Of course I'll need you guys to back me up as mercenaries employed to ensure nobody gets any bright ideas about seizing power themselves, perfectly understandable, revealing a secret like this to one's bodyguards entails a degree of risk after all and using a divided new guard & old guard to keep power from accumulating in the hands of a few officers has been done many times throughout history.

    Cacia stares at you, then leans back and drains down the remainder of her stein of beer before wiping the froth from her lips and belching quietly.
    I don't have time to commit to yet another virtual game with a set play time.

    So you're thinking of bailing on the game you are running?
    You should get kuu to perform his evil laugh for the game. It's rather impressive.
    Thats a good question. Will PM. Also do I need to tell you spells and feats now? Or not right now.
    Oh, you need 2000 experience to reach level 2 as far as the "average" game goes. (Side Note: There is a table somewhere where you can make campaigns faster or slower by lowering/raising the cost of leveling.)

    So Heroes Lab must have just put that in there automatically.
    and what sort of horror would the dm inflict on my character?

    I know nothing about it. No thanks.

    Well, my whole goal is to scare the shit out of anyone i meet, even people in the group. Heh. I don't want them to think they have a handle on me.

    ... aside from the obvious need to work together, of course. But it will be a bit wary of a relationship. (Kind of "WTF is she up to now, and... well, YOU stand next to her then, I'll stand on the other side of the group!")
    Anyway, my point is, if you set up gameplay so that I can use these spells effectively and can plan ahead... I would definitely love to mess with people. I do have Beguiling Gift in my familiar. That can be rather nasty too.

    Oh... and i'm only 2nd level so I don't get Disfiguring Touch yet.
    Oh sure, it's great, and I'm playing a witch totally because of the fun theatrics of it -- but it depends on the GM and what type of scenarios you set up. it's definitely a spell to have stored in your familiar, so it's accessible if you can plan ahead, but it's not one you carry through the woods in your head for when you might get jumped and possibly killed in a fight.

    I'm a big fan of Contagion myself. The last time my group got ambushed, I was pissed off by the outcome, so I inflicted the survivor with red plague without telling him, and when we released him, he took it back and wiped out his entire tribe...

    Legends are made in this way.
    There are some great spells in there, it's unfortunate that I get such a bare selection. The coolest ones aren't usually that useful in combat scenarios. (kind of like the barbarian rage power where you can pick up someone else and bludgeon your enemies with him -- your damage rate drops way under what you normally would do, but it sounds like a helluva party!)
    I'll give you creative license. That particular facet of the character was written in to allow the DM the opportunity to write in some plots if they so choose. The last set of characters were taken directly from the DM's campaign world, so feel free to use your own. Just let me know anything the character should know ;)
    Commercial drones have been cleared by the FAA to fly, is this a big step for machine-run logistics or whatever your working on is called? Does your work involve the use of drones? Are you uneasy about the drones being used by the gov next (if they're not already?) in a big brother state fashion? Basically I know you're working in this general field and would like to tap into what this news means to you.
    Do you actually completely disregard subjectivism and epistemological skepticism, or do you just not see any value in it?
    Hmm I googled it and all I got was Japanese or Chinese sites. Did you buy online by any chance? :P
    LOL. Yeah. That looks like a happy little home for flies and mice.

    ... and then my pervo brain takes over and ... well, maybe that's where you were going with it. ;)
    No, I was referring to your user title. :p

    What's up? I am. But it's 1:30am. I'm crashing!
    you.... you.... condescending bastard with black sneakers on and taped up glasses on your nose on 5/8/2014 at 7:34pm -4 GST!!!

    was that specific enough?:confused:
    Yessss. Hiding in plain sight, surreptitiously corrupting young minds.
    ffs, you can't steal that user title, that's my nickname.

    plus, you can't be a condescending bastard because you actually tried to explain, I'm far more likely to be the condescending bastard!

    I'm really too lazy but sometimes I get the feeling you're an


    idk :crazy0:

    just throwing my intuition out thar
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