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  • I'm sure the conditions on your thought-farm will be abominable. :ninjahidewhite:
    Your 25th birthday was just under a fortnight ago, was it not?

    We must do something to stop the inexorable passage of time. Too long have human been at its mercy.

    I'm not ready to be 25. :ahh04:
    Ah. Can I get a summary of its purpose, execution and theme before I commit?
    I'm lazy and busy. ;-;

    Also hi Cog <3
    Did my atypical depiction of a hypothetical future offend you, or blow your mind?
    Or where you just busy?

    Either way~

    That's just the poorer regions.
    Your somewhat more streamlined ideas might come to fruition in the currently blandly named 'Upper city'.

    However as purists wanting to live a life closer to the original humans, it's unlikely that they'll go for something too advanced. They of course desire comfort and bodies capable of more things, but certain things have to sacrificed to look fleshy, bleed and plump in a world of metal derivatives.
    Also anything not robotic, i.e Flesh is refered to as a demon, and pretty much all of them are the remnants of original creatures created from scratch by the now extinct fleshy humans.

    They are the animal population of the world and so fulfill some of the needs of pets. However they are generally considered to be unapproachable and dangerous, and for the most part either want to eat you (by pyring open your shell and eating your inner standard organs) or are so wild as to not be tamed.
    Hahah. Well I actually decided really early on that I prefer wires. Not only do they have a nice rustic tinge to them, they also keep the story somewhat grounded. In a world where everything is wireless and everyone is a wireless adapter AND receiver... Well things could get both very surreal and very confusing to a modern reader. Once the wire goes in, you can keep track of what's a trippy mental render.

    Also this is not the shiny future of the Jetsons. It's grungy, it's unfair, it's wired and tumbly.
    People use coins and throw up on street corners, dead trees litter the ground below a roofed sky and people live on with only half the parts they need and a quarter of the parts they want.
    It's not a world you can control with your mind or manipulate at will. Rather it's a world in which if you did open your mind to it, would swallow you whole in a void of chatter, static and flitting memories that are half yours, half a long dead stranger.
    Well that won't do for the purpose of the story, as it's larger aim (apart from teaching morals and shizz) is to make children desire to be a machine, but also to comment on the evils of the flesh/desiring to be human, which is something of an overriding theme.
    It's sortof less Sci-fi and more Sci-fantasy.

    Even in this bizarre world of cyborgs and androids being a child should be very similar. Just COOLER.

    However I already have a few digital shops/digital areas of physical shops that you can plug in to. So you make a good point. I guess some classrooms could be accessed via a port, particularly the ones which will need intriguing visualizations to explain to children i.e Ancient history or machine biology.

    (And the Bunny is part of my animation, I've just been changing the expression constantly to fuck with people XD)
    Hey Cog.
    What would cold children in a metal future be taught in robot school? :D
    Yes. :D
    Haven't played it in ages. Mostly I just go on adventures with bits of GLADOS to fight the convenant and various Zelda bosses.
    Er.... I don't really do letsplays so much, they never really took off and I don't have enough time to dedicate to them.
    I am still considering doing sweet reviews for fun, but mostly I want to get my animation done. :D
    I've actually done a fair amount for it, I'm just really slow and picky so things progress slowly.

    My master plan is to use the animation as a platform for more comedy stuff, or at least introduce people to my style of humour.(Or lack thereof...)
    Yeah tell me about it. I start work again next week but I just want to bunk off and make animations and silly things. XD
    Esp since most of my Christmas money went on a nice microphone.

    Yeah but the hot feather facilitates wonderful fresh fruit and cute lizards SO DON'T COMPLAIN.
    I dun want a beard. They seem itchy and weird and I can't grow one.

    I'm still drunk! What luckkkkk.

    So how are you oh smexiest of Robot Wannabes?
    I'll message you the next time we play from the channel. Tends to happen spontaneously, but we usually play at least few games.
    I have to wake up in less than 6 hours and then work. No dice.

    btw there's an online tool for cards against humanity. You just have the share the link with people. skype isn't necessary.
    Don't diss my posture Cognisant!
    I stand up straight almost 10% percent of the time.

    Narcissism doesn't have to be about purely physical traits either. Plenty of mental narcissists.
    well I'm officially a moron. :o

    Everyone knows using a personal photograph as an avvie is highly narcissistic. x.x

    I didn't mean to. This what I get for skimming. You tried to tell me.

    HI COG.
    I don't like beards.
    But I like yours.


    I recently discovered MBTI was unvalidated and unscientific Bullcrap. Have considered posting a thread with my findings but not sure it would go down too well since it would disrupt a semi-sufficient status quo.

    It is different. Plus I've posted pictures of myself before. Not to mention that fact that I made the choice to do so rather significant.
    Well? What would you do with three wishes? Aside from the obvious instigate a robopocalypse?

    I got smashed with my family with a bottle of Patron Tequila during a Christmas eve wrapping session. T'was good fun. Lost a pun standoff against my brother-in-law. Then come Christmas day I received a letter from my elder brother that made me cry briefly. Lots of 'It's a Christmas miracle!' and 'She actually does feel!' jokes were made.
    Wow. Thats pretty much exactly what happened to my uncle and his sons a couple weeks ago. Though they all inconveniently survived.

    Fortunately, they're pretty much the worse types of humans possible (violent, money-grubbing, drug addled conmen, the lot of them), so it doesn't really ruin anyone's xmas.

    It's been a good Christmas actually. :)

    I was looking for this in my PMs, sorry for late reply.

    Blaurrun has an eye for powerful builds. I think he's beatable, but doing so would be an accomplishment. He's a clever guys with more experience than you, I'd probably back him over myself under most circumstances. Power wise, I think he has the advantage so far, but I've seen his entire team and I've only seen one of your characters.

    I'm happy to go over your stuff in more detail if you want, though in doing so I'd be more pointing out inefficiencies and advising how to maximise what you're already doing. I can't make any decisions for you.
    Eh, this is good a place as any.
    The constructive criticism pleased me greatly! I will certainly take most of it into consideration, however I'm going to avoid becoming too 'professional' and focus more on the entertainment sidd, since I won't have an awful lot of time to put to this.
    At the moment I'm entirely concerned with animating. ;-; It's so much fun but takes soooooooo long.
    They're not cumulative for a single class. At level 10 a fighter has +10.

    For multi-classes they add up. So yes if you're a Fighter/Barb/Cav you'd have BAB+3.
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