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  • Ahh... the eternal question....

    How can one hold a lover when one's very arms are implements of death? At least here we are shocked by choice... yes - there is an option! Is a one-armed embrace half-hearted? Sufficient? Even possible? Desired?

    So many questions....

    Much better, in the case of the profile photo anyway!

    The avatar leaves a little *too* much to the imagination.
    Yes, time is just a perception too, isn't it?
    (Even if we have assigned a unit of measure to it.)

    Did you read "Into the Wild," about Chris McCandless? It sounds a lot like his mindset when he was starving to death, there at the end. Hopefully the rest of us will not have to be in such dire straits to handle it with the same peace, though. :)
    The acceptance of death is the acceptance of one's fear of it.

    Nice line.

    Weirdly, when I moved away from a "Christianized" perspective of heaven into a more existential frame, I also found myself far more accepting of death.

    It is like accepting that there was an ending to life made my life more meaningful, rather than having to chase after some "certain heaven" afterward. I don't know what happens after I die, but it gives my life meaning to be aware of and embrace my eventual ending here.
    Thank you. Yours reminds me a bit of Raiden for some reason (mostly the face). You seem to really love technology... are you interested in cybernetics?
    "We're bacteria on a rock.
    Our individual fears & hopes are beyond pathetic, irrelevant."

    That (see above) is a really great thing you said that time in that one thread.

    It is actually an optimistic thought.

    There should be a sci-fi alien invasion movie where the aliens come...they leave...and nothing happens.
    No, I don't believe so.

    I believe psychosis arises from a lack of apprehension of the absurdity of existence... from too great a weight, a seriousness... an inability to be free of matter - as though it all mattered.... Psychosis can't let go of meaning - everything becomes super-saturated with personal symbolism, repercussion, cause - nothing is filtered out or released.

    An absurdist surely experiences the levity with which one releases others and circumstance from blame.

    Psychosomatic. I'd say certainly yes, but then I'd be guilty of keeping you from your doctor when that brain tumour really needs diagnosing. ;p Will your demise be my fault, or is it absurd?

    Or have you given up coffee?

    I feel the impulse to hug you, but out of respect for the glory of your aversion and suffering, I shan't.

    Ore has outposts in our minds, a superlative sense of aesthetics, and fine taste in music.



    (Honestly... in that one post - in the collected impressions together - you captured everything that mattered with the clarity of a psychic camera.)
    Seconding Azaroth*: you're a brilliant judge of character. That applies to our discussions about the ST as well. You're able to sense the nature of things in a rare, rare way.


    (I prefer to call you Auburn, Azarath, but I'm not sure if you want that name used here anymore...)
    ty coggie *smiles*
    your auburn picture in the visual impressions thread is so beautiful. heh, 'hir' does seem a lot more appropriate. it's nice to be understood..
    Aw thanks Cog. I try. ^^
    No, it's actually kind of stupid how long I spent tweaking the damn thing...it's a little sad I have nothing better to do. Ah well.
    Also, visitor messages are the bane of my existence. What, you're telling me I can only add colour and basic formatting to this post? This is an outrage!
    Oh yes... but ever so much nicer than being kind.

    Did that busty stripper-gram I hired for your weekend turn up?
    You Baileys-hording eunuch!

    I'm sending all the sodden hankies of tears you've made me cry!!!

    Express post!

    (...and... err... folded - you know, origami-style... into a bunch of wet flowers... 'cos I feel so sorry for you. I'm such a mushie. ^^)
    Wow. I'm impressed with the level of misunderstanding people displayed in the photo thread. I knew what you were saying. >.>
    Excuse me, oh busy Lord... but could you spare three seconds to tell me if Ragnar is correct?

    I simply refuse to presume.

    *curtsies out backward*
    Hey, your post containing all the information on transhumanism was great, I plan to review it all as soon as I can buy the time. :)
    So thanks.
    If you'd still be interested in discussing whatever it was that interested you... so would I. *

    I've posted something on Da Blob's comment page which may be relevant to you.


    *Transhumanism is young, and we still have time to teach her. If we don't hurry, the corporations and governments certainly will. And then she'll be all brainwashed and Texan.
    I'm glad you and Adymus joined in when you did. I was afraid other members (with less understanding of the functions) would post something to mess it up.

    *has been all giggly for the past few hours* ^^;
    Hey do you have any idea where that thread/post of yours about the Y-chromosome resulting in greater diversity for men is? I remember reading it a while back and finding it extremely interesting. The gender thread's reminded me of it.
    It should be: "Take it seriously and I'll treat it seriously; you have been warned." or "Take it seriously and I'll treat it seriously. You have been warned."

    Just saying. :3
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