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  1. Do you think we're too picky?

    What I've noticed about myself is that I'm extremely picky. I'm picky about the foods I eat, the people I enjoy hanging out with, the things I'm interested in, etc. Anything to add or share that you think makes you picky?
  2. Exams and how INTPs cope with them.

    If I ever remember to study, I do it for like 15 minutes tops and have always gotten mainly B's or A's on tests. I've found studying to be more important in college, but I'll still be lazy and unmotivated to study at all.
  3. Top five favorite movies

    That is such a good movie.
  4. INTP personality and school

    Let's see. I've always procrastinated, rushed through projects that should take a lot more time to do, been bored and daydreamed in pretty much every class except Spanish because it actually made me interact and pay attention. School was easymy entire life. I never had to study or work really...
  5. Do you travel?

    Yes, I travel. Through time.
  6. There goes that INTP again!

    ROFL I was thinking the same thing. Bah, I have a speech about stem cell research I need to write for tomorrow. Lazy, procrastinating, no motivation INTP bitch I am!
  7. Good but lesser known games.

    Shadow of the Colossus. Such an amazing game. You ride around this huge open land alone with your horse killing giants. Some that fly, dive under ground, shake you. It feels so epic. You have to actually climb up them, hang on when they try to get you off of them and stab them in certain spots.
  8. How are You today?

    I'm so terrible at procrastinating. I have a speech, which by the way I hate, that I should be researching for and practicing.
  9. Best Comedy?

    Scrubs Family Guy The Office
  10. Extroverted moments

    I've been to so many nerd parties too. And I am definitely extroverted there and agree with you when you say you wouldn't want to be like that all the time. Other than parties, I'm extroverted when I'm high.
  11. Intelligent, stupid, lazy, active

    Same here. And I love wikipedia. While some people put false information on there, it's usually looked up and made correct pretty soon and I think it's a great source of an immense amount of information.
  12. INTP and Narcissism... I have both! Shit!

    The only way I guess I could consider myself narcissistic would be because I tend to think I'm one of the only people around me or even on the internet that has a lot of common sense and logic at work all the time. I think I think through things a lot more completely and can come up with...
  13. Sleep Deprivation and INTPs

    While I usually go to bed by 1 or 2 in the morning, I enjoy my times at night. I'm alone, everyone's sleeping, it's quiet, no distractions. I can just do whatever I want and it's a good feeling.
  14. Drugs

    I don't think a return to common sense is a valid reason to stay away from weed. I'm kinda baffled by that reason, actually. Unless you smoke it, you don't know what it does. Some things are true among most people, but everyone gets more relaxed, more thoughtful, and happier. Just don't smoke...
  15. INTP BC

    I read and played video games a lot more. I still want to read more, I just lose the motivation to very easily and go back to the internet.
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