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  • Ahh, no it's just because I saw you say you were doing your Masters thesis and, well, I was kinda impressed :p
    A lot of the metaphors go over my head, but I don't see that as a blight on the book, I'm fact, it increases the mystique. However, feel free to drop me any quote or aphorism and I'll do my best :D

    Most of all I like it's didactic style, I think that's how philosophy should be (funny, then, that I was told by my philosophy tutor that Nietzsche was more a writer than a philosopher, *rolls eyes*)

    Oh, and "Christianity is for ugly people" - lmao!
    Ah man I'm having second thoughts - I was reading Zarathustra today and it's just so, dare I say, beautiful
    Well, it has warmed up here in the midwest, and the post about feeding the stray cat definitely preceded said warming.
    Seriously, I was reading this intro to mind and brain book, and at the end it had a little section on philosophical questions such as fate, and I was reading it and it was just like yes, yes... YES!!!
    Ahahahha, don't worry it'll be my last one! I'm tired of being anti-philosophy, when it's so easy to be pro-neuroscience ;)
    It has indeed. Spending more than a few minutes researching the dismal state of the east side of Michigan (the economy in Detroit, for instance, is unbelievably bad) just makes me want to cry.
    ;) you never know on the internet. it's annoying how people use it just to fuck with others and be immature.
    I thought he was making fun of the condition, so I got mad and erased it ! Probably being paranoid !
    Why'd you delete your post on bipolar! It was probably the best thing I've read on the condition, lol.
    Hi Carnap! It's good to hear from you! Thanks for posting your chocolate mousse thing on my vegan cooking thread. I'm gonna try making that for the wife some time this week. I don't like avocados, but I'm going to make this an exception since it's supposed to taste like chocolate. Very cool.
    what, you're stoned?? lolol.

    Anyway you're right Carnap, you can't escape us, even when you're away and travelling~! *evil laugh*
    euh...what? i come back and there's this wierd new function and i'm stoned!

    why do i ever dream of disappearing from this place?

    i'm in michigan! that's why ! I don't dream of even getting out of bed.

    what is this new funtion. i just realized that's my profile page and i'm writing all this.

    how did you catch me in this state???
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