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  • Ah, an interesting paradox. My anti-convetonalism started when i first actively opposed conventions that I identified. Before this however, I thought of myself as a non-conventionalst, and then I was faced with the very paradox you expressed. As no answer is still an answer, so too is non-conventionalism still a convention. Thus I decided to evolve (in glorious Pokemon montage fashion) to anti-conventionalism.
    How is this different?
    Simple: I firstly firstly acknowledge the presence of any convention that either I or society presents to me in a distinguishable ( to me) form. Thereafter, I actively engage in either juxtaposing the convention or blatantly breaking it, until this active breakage forms as a new convention which I also attempt to break when identified. And every ounce in a while I don't break a convention for good measure.

    I also call it intentional psycho-social chaos.
    No, and frankly abingbingbong tbh :'D yours is likewise cashew and sample text in the extreme imho ty
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