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  1. Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    ................I hope someone hijacked your account. Unacceptable.
  2. Battlefield 3

    Too fast paced for a mic?....lol, you must not have played COD. Nobody used a mic on ps3 because until a few days ago the system was broken. It ha now been patched and you can hear everyone clearly. If you e e get back into it, hit me up.
  3. Battlefield 3

    Did you always play with a squad of friends. IMO the game goes from frustrating to excellent if you have a squad of friends with a mic. What system do you have it for?
  4. Battlefield 3

    Good to hear. The game, at least on ps3, needs more good pilots especially if they are going to make mines disappear after death. I think this is a terrible change. Tanks are strong enough in the game as it is. It doesn't matter if someone litters the map with 1000 mines, any cluster of mines...
  5. Battlefield 3

    Also, FAMAS is now becoming my favorite gun in the game. That gun is so comfortable and powerful.
  6. Who is better at video games... ISTP or INTP?

    Would always be down for a BF3 match, but Im on PS3. Might want to post a little something in the BF3 thread as well linking to this post. Im pretty sure some of those guys have it for PC.
  7. Homework FAQ

    I think you are over complicating it.MellIvar was saying that the process of dividing something is the same as multiplying that something by the inverse of what you are dividing by. Which means you can "separate out" the left side of the equation by restating it in terms of multiplication. For...
  8. Homework FAQ

    What do you mean by "knock P1 off T1"? Do you mean, how do you rearrange an equation so that one specific variable is on one side of the equation by itself?
  9. Hello... My name is Don and I "think" I might be an INTP..

    Hi don, welcome to INTP Anonymous. In all seriousness, the way I look at it is: Most people like doing things in the material world by default. They only think about something in order to do something in the material world. I like thinking by default. I do something in the physical world...
  10. Homework FAQ

    What otherside said. I think you are confusing the properties of fraction multiplication. The books answer is P2=(T2/T1)(P1/1) You are saying the answer is P2=(P1/T1)(T2/1) When you simplify the multiplication of both fractions in the two examples, you are saying the same thing. P2=(T2)(P1)/T1
  11. INTP's Under 18

    Like NO_ARM_NINJA, I pretty much skated through school all of my life. It was never a huge deal to me. I recall one day in sophomore year of High School, my teachers wanted me to take a test to be placed into the harder math classes. I remember being very confused about why I was being...
  12. The effects of marijuana on an INTP

    ObliviousGenius I could be wrong, but I dont think Tannem was implying that weed caused all of his/her problems in the same vein that a sheeple would state weed is terrible and will ruin your life; which seems to be the actual sentiment that you are refuting. Instead, Tannem was saying that...
  13. Homework FAQ

    No idea on that one as the gravitational constant is usually given in Newtons. Perhaps it is just in your textbook like that to remind students how to convert units?
  14. Homework FAQ

    kg x N/kg gives an answer in N. 1000N=1 kN, so to get the answer in kN you divide by 1000. So, it would be 794 N or .794 kN Side note: That is interesting. I am used to periods instead of commas. I was so confused at first. Not a homework question, but it popped in my head while doing...
  15. Are you familiar with Nujabes? The anime Samurai Champloo put me on to them. This used to be...

    Are you familiar with Nujabes? The anime Samurai Champloo put me on to them. This used to be my ringtone so that whenever I got a phone call it was not some loud jolt of noise, but calm peaceful music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUwRGPxCG_Y
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