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  1. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Hello Everyone

    Hi and Welcome :wave:
  2. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    They are under the age of 10. But, sometimes if parents have inadvertently raised a spoiled child (which can happen to anyone, believe me), an older child can definitely deserve a whipping. Ideally, if parents parent properly from infancy on, that will not be necessary however. Also, with 50%...
  3. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    Yeah, I know. ;) And it is "some male" ... No one likes a mouthy child. I put up with it for many a year. And still put up with way too much of it. The house runs so much more smoothly when problems are dealt with quickly, and we can all move on to regular life. Used to be (when my kids...
  4. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    I said the way I perceive I "LOOK". Not necessarily when I wield it. I am not interested in looking like a 'badass' to my children. But it's okay if some male who might need punishment finds it appealing. My kids just know I mean business when I bring it out, and talking back is...
  5. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    How many children have you each had? If any, how many are you actively involved in parenting?
  6. AphroditeGoneAwry

    pedophilia and a logical society

    I am excited to see a pedophile thread. For the simple reason that this is one of the last frontiers to be reckoned with in our social stratum. Seriously, if people cannot talk about this, how is anyone supposed to heal from it, or be treated for it, before possibly harming hundreds of...
  7. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    Oh dear. It is a harmless black crop with a little bitty splat of leather on the end that barely stings. I have parented five children. I have learned a thing or two about sparing the rod and spoiling the child. I would always prefer my children and pets mind without needing reprimand...
  8. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Bestiality, Zoophilia

    lol. I was into bestiality when I was little, but now I know it is a sin. Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion (KJV). ~Leviticus 18:23
  9. AphroditeGoneAwry

    A moment of your time please.

    cows eat grass
  10. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Fear of Intimacy?

    Hi. That is good you are trying to reach out, even if on the internet. I am a weirdo that actually craves to interact with the most avoidant people, I get a rise out of it. Something about knowing that someone trusts me above all others really gives me something I evidently like. However, I...
  11. AphroditeGoneAwry

    INTPs - what are the types of your 5 best friends?

    INFPs, INTJs, and INTPs (MALES-though I am not as close to them as I wish I were. INTP females are just too weird lol) Those are my fav types to hang with.
  12. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Weird eccentric INTP stuff you do

    I lie down in unusual places I wear things others would not wear I have 2 pairs of daily shoes which are extreme: cowboy boots with dresses and/or wedges/slides with a high heel everywhere I sing/hum in public I disappear/leave when I should not and let others deal with picking up my slack I...
  13. AphroditeGoneAwry

    INTPs and their amazing ideas

    Is having a lot of good (others might say crazy lol) ideas an INTP thing? Because having ideas is sort-of my hallmark. Besides being 'eccentric' I guess. I have ideas all the time. The best ones ferment over years of time. For the most part, mine are social constructs. I had the idea to...
  14. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Something really f***ed up is going on with banks

    You delude yourself at the least when you think that it is the common civilian who is causing the problems in health care. And you cause excessive trauma at the most in implying that the problems in health care are in any way due to sick people who are just trying to be well. Don't attack...
  15. AphroditeGoneAwry

    Something really f***ed up is going on with banks

    I am predicting the next crash will be in the insurance market. (and the insurance market was at the heart of the last crash in the form of otc derivatives which was a kind of insurance sold to banks). But I don't think it will hit in 2016, but maybe 2017-2018.
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