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  1. Antediluvian

    Is it possible to become more intelligent?

    One study claimed that studying for the lsat increased reasoning ability, the interesting thing was that the left brain didn't seem to strengthen, but that the right side adapted.
  2. Antediluvian

    Are the intelligent more prone to depression?

    I read somewhere that those with low IQs were 3.5 times more likely to commit suicide.
  3. Antediluvian

    Nootropics with profound effects?

    Mildly retarded to genius, I suppose.
  4. Antediluvian

    Nootropics with profound effects?

    I'm just sitting here wondering when nootropics that have profound effects on the brain will be introduced to the market. What do you think, 15 or 20 years?
  5. Antediluvian

    Mental Disabilities

    More consideration is given to them than to the gifted, even though very impairing disabilities can be displayed in the latter as well.
  6. Antediluvian

    IQ Test: Gigi Assesment

    If I remember right, got in the range of 111 or so. Spatial tests aren't my strong suit, but I can get above average scores on them a decent amount of the time. I spend time gaming to hopefully increase spatial aptitude, but I'll never be superb at that particular task. My verbal ability is...
  7. Antediluvian

    The Welfare State

    I've heard a theory about evolutionary repercussions in welfare states, the spreading of undesirable traits that otherwise wouldn't be as prosperous. But, I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to the nuances of evolutionary effects. Anyway, Sweden was having some recent problems with some...
  8. Antediluvian

    How often do you abandon internet forums?

    I guess with forums I have been searching for something I haven't found yet. Or, closer to accuracy, I didn't or don't know what I was searching for, consciously. A submersed psychological drive that hasn't been slaked yet.
  9. Antediluvian

    How often do you abandon internet forums?

    snafupants Hindsight bias sort of rings a bell, but doesn't fully (though that seems redundant, I added this for clarity) encompass what I was trying to get at. It's a fine, limited example, though. As far as Fe being considered a Jungian rational function, well, in a specific context it...
  10. Antediluvian

    If you click on this thread, leave a post!

    I will fulfill my obligations, but I have nothing interesting to compose.
  11. Antediluvian

    What would you do without your INTPness?

    Sleep better at nights. I think.
  12. Antediluvian

    How often do you abandon internet forums?

    They are interlinked, but can function separately in their own ways. The separate functioning reveals something.
  13. Antediluvian

    How often do you abandon internet forums?

    I remember I made a random comment that ego protects people from the truth. Someone responded by saying that it was stunningly accurate, even if that were true I saw it as entirely blatant. That's the point, I suppose, that ego can protect against the obvious. I also recall from my psychology...
  14. Antediluvian

    Cuntfase McFucknugget

    Well, at least I know now I can make my thread titles more vulgar.
  15. Antediluvian

    How often do you abandon internet forums?

    I just left a forum where I "contributed" several thousand posts to, out of boredom, I suppose, or maybe I didn't see any opportunities for proper discussion. Most likely, both were persuaders to my leaving the forum. Of course, I had to fill the gap with other forums, such as this one. So...
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