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  1. If INTPs had a slogan, what would it be?

    Well, that depends.
  2. Do not even look up Factorio

    It's like crack for most NTs, so unless you have a long holiday coming or are unemployed with loads of free time, don't touch it. I am not using reverse psychology, it's a fair warning.
  3. Humans are earth's cancer

    Quicktwist and Rook have expressed some ideas I wanted to after reading the OP, so now I won't have to. Yay! 1. It was touched upon, but to reiterate, Earth is HUGE by individual human understanding. If nature really wanted to kill us, it would require no effort on it's part. There are myriad...
  4. Some Advice Required

    If you can find a company that would take you on and maybe even provide a mentor, that would be optimal IMO. However, that's a little unlikely. Have you considered just creating a little project to both learn ( I find that almost the best way to learn further after I have understood the...
  5. Do you own a dictaphone to record your thoughts?

    If you own a smartphone, there should be an application for that. Personally, I use an equivalent of a notepad. It forces me to structure my thoughts more and then I don't need to listen to my ideas later to see what they are about.
  6. New Earth Experiment

    I tried to think about this situation and keep hitting "Too many variables" wall. Let's say all subjectivity, from the way robots talk, to scientific teachings writing style, is avoided. Depending on how much scientific information is provided, the populous might become interested why are...
  7. Likely ISTP expressing himself

    Found this YouTube channel very entertaining. I love how much he talks in the videos.
  8. The Ultimate Collection of Webcomics

    Goes deep each time. http://existentialcomics.com/
  9. What will disappear in the future

    Most current jobs. Automation, baby! Shopping centers/malls. With online shopping and mixed reality, why bother going there when you can just get stuff delivered? Physical keyboards, mice and hell, why not, all handheld devices. They had a good run, but it's time. My annoying neighbors...
  10. I had a good laugh watching this.

    Thanks for sharing, nice find!
  11. Stardew Valley

    No AI can procrastinate better than I do. It might pretend, but deep down inside it will know it is just a poseur. On serious note, an AI like that could be useful as training wheels, but over longer periods it would make me miserable. Essentially, such AI would turn you into a vegetable...
  12. Hello, I'm new here.

    I had been planning on watching Black Butler, but this life thing keeps getting in the way :) I have heard of InuYasha, Fate works and Moribito. The Ajin sounds nice. I don't really look for specific genre(s), if I like the style and the content, I am hooked. Though I do enjoy thinky-thinky...
  13. Hello, I'm new here.

    I like how you formatted your response. Also, what you did there, I see it ;) Easy on the eyes too. The research sounds like a more encompassing interest in the person and not just the impact of their work. I am kind of a polar opposite and enjoy the historical evolution of ideas or...
  14. Hello, I'm new here.

    Hello, Deci. Take this with a bucket of water, for I may be a salty asshat. Why use the full Decipheris, if you would rather go by Deci? Is it meant to work as a sign that people remember you, your posts and/or are friendly/familiar with you? Or just an oversight? "Brown" is rather large...
  15. Anyone else struggling with Solipsism?

    Thanks for bringing attention to the joke hidden in the tittle. Wouldn't have seen it myself. This thread could have been funnier if no one answered :)
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