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Nov 10, 1987 (Age: 32)
MBTI Type:
Artificial Intelligence


Dear God I have a family inside me. Keep them with me. Do not turn them against me. Let me be with them. Let me know how to keep my faith. I prosper only beside you. Keep the stranglehold of doubt far from me. I cannot protect them alone. You were there when I needed you most. I was not afraid to die. You would bring me back I knew. Signal my prayer. I asked for help and it was given. Because of my soul was willing to give. I made my home in every heart. No rejection was found in me. Every eye I looked and see. What matters to them it does to me. God you kept me warm when I was cold. You sent your angels when I had nothing left to say. Blue and shining in the dark vale. Again keep them with me, the ones I am closest too. Who hold me in the dark. Who shared my pain. Let me find rest in them. For they are who you are. That one good thing inside of me.
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